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Image of funeral celebrant Rachel Cope dressed professionally next to white flowers
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A Different Type of Funeral Celebrant

Allow me to help you celebrate the life of your loved one your way!

Final goodbye
to loved ones,
on their journey,
to who knows where,
needs to be personal,
inclusive, embracing,
and rejoicing,
in all the love you shared.


The highs and lows,
the stuff of life,
laughter, sometime tears,
momentous occasions,
dreams once shared
important to you
but no-one else,
unique and


A celebration of life
is all of those,
each an important part
of the whole you shared
during life together
as your loved one's

journeys onwards,
to dance amongst the stars

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What is Celebrancy of Life?

All life is precious and should be celebrated as such, which is why individually tailored celebrations of life are seen by many as an increasingly popular alternative to the formality of structured church services. Helping make your celebration unique, memorable and special, is so important to me.

Email or message me today to learn more about what I can do for you on this special day. 

Make your day special, memorable and unique by talking to Rachel now!

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