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Book now with Medium Rachel Cope

My reviews stand testament to the quality of the experience you will have with me.

Each session with me is extremely personal and as such, every individual will have a different experience with me with the services that I provide. What doesn't change however is the excellent reviews that I get from my customers.


Whether it is emotional healing that you are after and you would like a one to one reading, or you would like to be tutored by me in the realm of Mediumship, Psychism, Psychic Detection, Healing, Meditation or Reiki I can assure you that our session together will be of the highest standard. Or perhaps you're interested in a more social gathering- why not consider hosting a psychic home party with your friends? I can do all of your readings in one go and it can be an experience like no other.

If you would like to read more about the services I can do please look at my pages on individual and group sessions for more information. If you see a service that you cannot book on this website, please reach out to me via email, Facebook messages or fill out a contact form.


As I take appointments from a number of ways, including Facebook messages and email- I cannot guarantee that I will be able to take your booking. In case I cannot take the booking appointment that you have set, I will reach out to you and we can plan together to have a session together. If you would like to reach out to me for more information before you book a time slot, please fill the contact form or send me an email at

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