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Photo of Rachel Cope from Angel Attic smiling to the camera transposed on top of images from her display stand at Angel Attic and some angelic light

Private Sittings

The landscape for private sittings changed dramatically, as the impact of Covid became evident, during which time very sadly, one-to-one private sittings, loved by so many, were impossible to conduct.


With the easing of restrictions, demand for on- to-one private sittings at Angel Attic has re-kindled, complemented by continued requests for one-to-one remote sittings, via zoom and WhatsApp, from every corner of the world.


Readings can be mediumistic or psychic, using tarot, angel cards or pendulums too, if preferred?

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All private sittings are £50 for 30 minutes £75 for 45 minutes or £100 per hour.


To book a reading contact us:

Telephone at (44) 07504 126336


or via our social channels below

(Sittings available in English or Spanish)

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